Beauty standards are BULL

Hello everyone, I’m here with my first official blog post! (yaaaay) As you can tell by the title this post, today is going to be about Beauty standards. While going through my feed on Instagram, I came across a poem that fits today’s topic. So before I continue and rant on about how society is messed up and all, take the time to read this short poem. 


Every look you take in the mirror
Distorts your vision, it gets less clearer
Society’s foolishness knows no bounds
Now you judge your self worth in pounds
Obsessed with attaining the lightness of a feather
Enduring hunger and not caring whether
or not your body could be drastically affected
You’re mimicking skeletal mannequins who are well respected
Only heaven knows what kind of chemicals and rituals
helped them ascend to their pedestals and pinnacles
Walking thin lines and borders,
Battling all those eating disorders
Anorexia and Bulimia are just two of a few
Think of all the damage they could do
Not only physically, but also mentally
If it isn’t natural it wasn’t meant to be
My plea to you is clear and candid
Never torture yourself to fit ‘beauty standards’.

– Kelechi Kalu

This poem is using words to tell the world what society’s beauty standards can really do to anyone. It is the fact that favorite celebrities have “perfect bodies” in magazines, but in reality have been photo shopped so much that there is hardly anything left of what healthy humans are supposed to be. However, to that one teen who thinks they need to change themselves to be prettier, smarter, or more popular, they will risk everything to become like the photo shopped phonies in the magazines.img_5602

It bothers me how society tells people that if you weigh over a certain amount, “you can’t wear this” “you can’t pull off that” “you shouldn’t wear this”. Well? Society? You are so wrong. Anyone can wear whatever they want, they can pull anything off, and they are beautiful just the way they are. I say, stop trying to turn us against ourselves with your cruel words. Society has corrupted the word “fat”. They have made everyone believe that “fat” is ugly when in reality, the only “ugly” there is, is when people cant see that beauty comes from within. Not everyone weighs or looks the same. Everyone is different.

In many ways, many things can be viewed as unattractive such as natural hair color, natural skin color, freckles, stretch marks, and body hair. That concept is ridiculous. You don’t need hair dye to cover up your hair color; you don’t need tanner to make you “look prettier”. You don’t need makeup to cover up your freckles or acne because freckles are adorable and everyone gets acne, its a part of growing. you don’t need long shirts to cover up stretch marks, and you don’t need to shave. These are all things that you do not have to do, but if you want to do all these things, then do them because what you do and how you live your life is your own business. Do not let anyone tell you that you need to wear less makeup, because with what ever you are wearing you are slaying the world. Do not let people body shame you!

This not only goes for females but for males too. Just because males are males, doesn’t mean they have to live up to societies expectations. Let men wear makeup. Let men wear dresses and heels. Let men be who they are. Let men live how they want without them getting shamed or cast out because they finally feel as though they belong to a certain group. People need to take a breather and realize that what someone else does in their life, just wont affect you at all. So what if it does? Suck it up. It is not your life. You have no say.


As you can tell from this whole rant, I’m big on body positivity and how the concepts of beauty standards are dumb. The best advice anyone can give you is “be you”. Love yourself, flaws and all!  I think now my rant is coming to an end. I must say I do feel better getting everything off of my chest. Peace 🙂



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