Halloween: It is the most spooky time of the year!!!!!!!!

GUYS GUYS VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!! It’s almost Halloween!!!

Halloween, the only time of year where it is socially acceptable to go around and be in costumes. Not only is Halloween one of my favorite unofficial holidays, but it’s during my favorite time of year. Fall and Winter!  Almost of my friends express how much they like summer and spring. And yeah I understand that BUT fall and winter are the times for cuddling, snuggling, sweaters, hot chocolate, sweaters and oh did I mention sweaters?


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Don’t you just love just love waking up to cool crisp air and snuggling close to your blankets? I know I do. Not only is Halloween during this time of year but so is Thanksgiving AND Christmas so it just makes this whole time of year the best. These special things make me very happy and excited.

Okay so Halloween. I love it, i just do, i always have, probably always will, and the feeling of getting dressed up and going out in public banging on people’s doors for candy is pretty cool. I have been planning what I was going to be since last Halloween in 2015 and I stuck to it (lol i know i’m that person). Most of you probably (hopefully) know twenty one pilots right? Well, the singer (Tyler Joseph) has some pretty coolio clothes, so I’m going to be Tyler Joseph from the video stressed out. Now, you may be wondering “wow. But no one will get the reference” yeah well, while that may be true it’s just for the fun. Plus i’m going out with my friend Leah and she gets the reference so :). I can’t wait because candy is pretty cool and so is my best friend Leah. Oh and, we are never going to be too old to trick or treat!

I have been pretty excited for Halloween since it ended last year but especially when October started. When October starts, that is what starts really fun activities such as haunted houses, hay ride, pumpkin and apple picking and so much more! Speaking of haunted house, My friend Miki got me into volunteering at a haunted house and it’s been such a dream. It’s so much fun and I have met so many amazing people. Not only that but i continuously scare the crap out of people and it brings light into my week.


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Another thing that I look forward to during the day before Halloween is (i have done a blog post on them) Dan and Phil “spoopy week”. They play a bunch of horror games and bake different types of Halloween goodies. It started yesterday but since i work late at the haunted house i didn’t get to watch it :(.

Anyway, here is a spooky video to get you more into the mood for Halloween sand all things cold! Hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon! Peace


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