LGBT, we are all one community.

Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or pan,

we are all the same across the land.

People may try to bring you down,

so try your hardest not to hit the ground.

We are strong as a team,

And we are not what we seem.

We will not give up the fight,

Until the LGBT community sees the light.

We deserve this just because

We are people too

And love is love

  • Jordyn (me)

Hello everyone, I know that coming out day was like a million days ago but that’s okay because i thought that everyone reading this blog should know a little something about me. I’m Pansexual and basically what that means is that i a attractive to anyone regardless of their gender. It is not bisexual because there are more than two genders but i won’t get into that right now. Basically i’m going to share my story of how i came out to friends and family and little tips on coming out if any LGBTQ+ members out there plan on coming out.

Okay, let’s dive right into it. When i came out it was one of the most hard things to do. I knew from the beginning that my mother is a very understanding person but it still had me pacing my bedroom before i actually got the courage to speak to her. I planned it out of nowhere because i was tired of hiding who i was. So i stood up from my bed and thought about coming out. I would almost walk out my bedroom door and then walk right back into my room letting fear get to me. I would get almost to her door and then turn to “use the bathroom” or “get a tissue”.


When i finally got the courage to do it, i walked straight into her room and asked her if we could talk. She immediately said yes. I just flat out said the words “i’m Pansexual”. It was good and bad to say them because i still had hundreds of fears going through my mind. She was confused on the meaning and just didn’t understand it even though i would explain to her. She understood still and told me she would be there for me no matter what. I then had my mom tell my dad for me and he was over accepting. He said from the beginning as i was born that he would love me no matter what. My mom told me that he brought up that the fact that my brother or i would not be straight that he would be there and love us still. I started coming out to a bunch of my friends and now i’m much more comfortable with telling people. I am so lucky to have so many people love me for me.

Now for the advice section. First of all, you don’t have to tell anyone about your sexuality if you do not want to. It is 100% up to you who you tell, but you might feel happier if you can be honest about who you really are.A good idea is to start by telling someone you really trust such as a best friend or a really close family member. That what i did. I told my best friend only to find out she was bi! Another thing that might also be helpful to get an idea about people’s attitudes towards sexuality before you talk to them. Ask them questions about sexuality so you can understand if it is safe to come out because while


Many of the people that you tell will be really positive and will be proud of you for telling them, not everyone will be so positive and supportive. You should be prepared for some negative reactions and understand that this may be a difficult thing for some people to understand or come to terms with. If you feel unsafe or threatened about coming out then don’t. There a dozens of hotlines that you can call for help if things gets serious.

There are many ways to come out! Here are some fun ideas!

  • Throw a pizza party! Open a box of pizza, take a slice and scream “This pizza is for gay people only!!” Then take a huge bite as you look everyone in the eye.
  • Make a shirt that says “I’m with gay,” and have the arrow point to your face.Alternatively, buy an Everyone Is Gay T-shirt.
  • Wait for Halloween and go to a costume party dressed as yourself. When people say, “What are you?” you reply, “I’m a gay person.” When they say, “Oh, but you look the same as you always look,” wink very slowly.
  • Flash. Mob. that’s it. Two words. Flash. Mob. (if somebody does this pls send it to me)
  • Make a sign that says “Stand Here If You’re Gay.” Stand under it.
  • Start laughing like seriously hard. Your friends will be like, “What? What is it??” You reply, “Being gay is hilarious, amiright? BTW I’m gay.”
  • Check someone out and say “Uggghh, I can be soooo gay sometimes. All the time. I can be gay all the time… I’m gay.”

and hey, if you want a very easy way of coming out, send a loved one this song

And that concludes this blog post. I hope this advice can and will help you in anyway! Ill see you next time! Peace 🙂


10 thoughts on “Loveisloveisloveislove

  1. This blog is very lighthearted and nice. Yea it’s in the perspective of someone who had people that were immediately accepting, it also nice to see that you gave people an idea of how to ease into it if they don’t know how people they want to tell will feel about it. You were just really open which shows how the telling the truth will make you feel so much better and comfortable.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This blog post was so uplifting and generally made me smile.This was so powerful.It’s so beautiful that you are so confident with your sexuality.You are a real role model for those who want to come out. I really enjoyed your blog post.I loved how you were giving lots of ways to make it easier for people to come out that would make it less awkward. Keep up the good blogs!


  3. Jordyn we all love you. I like how you put some suggestions of telling people that your gay. You are a great writer and I hope you do more like this. You made my day when I saw this. This is most amazing thing about yourself that you put out there.


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