What Christmas means to me :)

The sound the of the tires hitting the smooth pavement as we drive to my aunt’s house will always put joy in my heart. Every Christmas Eve, my mom, dad, brother and I go up to Long Island to be with family. Adults laughing and getting drunk, children screaming at each other and the sound of fish sizzling in a pan are what make it complete. It might seem pretty hectic but that’s  okay because that’s what makes my Christmas.. well, Christmas.

When we first arrive to my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve, we pull down the dead-end street to be greeted with beautifully lit houses and blowup Christmas characters in the front of their yards. My aunt always has the Grinch and Santa Claus in a snow globe.

When my brother and I get out of the car, we run in anticipation towards the door to greet our family. You walk through the door and see stockings hanging from every wall that say each of our names. In the corner is a giant Christmas tree that has red, , silver and green bulbs on them with a little star at the top, symbolizing that even though my family can be extra we can also keep it normal. Christmas eve is a time for us to give gifts to people we might not see everyday. Since we don’t get to see everyone everyday there are quite a lot of presents surrounding the big Christmas tree around. We make sure everyone gets one. We pass them out at the end of the night and that is the part that the children are always waiting for. After we greet everyone, we ourselves are greeted with piles and piles of food waiting to be dug into.


My family (on my mom’s side) can not live without fish. That’s why they make so much of it. There will be fried shrimp, boiled lobster, crab, flounder and any fish that you can think of. We also have garlic bread, bread to butter, sandwich bread, American cheese, cheese sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and Kielbasa (A Polish sausage). The assortments of food are sometimes overwhelming.

After we eat the delicious food that all of our family has made for us, we help clean up. We can clean up the tables and wrap up the food, and sometimes we even help in the kitchen. Now, this is a big job because the kitchen is pretty much off-limits to everyone except the cooks. After the cleaning session, we all go into the living room and digest the food a little before we have a round two with dessert. Dessert consists of pecan pie, apple pie, chocolate cream pie, and definitely our cannoli’s. It’s not Christmas eve without cannolis.

About an hour after we had our dessert, we finally get to sit around the Christmas tree and wait for presents to be passed out. We have this tradition that when you turn a certain age you get to be Santas helper. This means that you get to help my Pop Pop (grandpa) pass the presents or to everyone. However, sadly when you turn another certain age you can’t help anymore and me myself, am too old for that. But that’s okay because I still enjoyed watching the little kids have fun passing the presents out to everyone.

After all of the presents are passed out, we go one by one from oldest to youngest. I am feeling very antsy in my seat waiting to rip open the Christmas themed wrapping paper seeing what someone has got me. I can’t wait to feel the easiness of the ripping and the excitement is bubbling up inside me like a volcano about to burst. When it finally gets to my turn I slowly open the present so that my family doesn’t know how excited I am. After a couple of rounds of that everyone just starts to open their presents and it becomes like a mad house. Wrapping paper is flying everywhere and everyone is gasping at their gifts.

The night comes to an end and we pack up all of our stuff and head on out. While we’re driving home on that cool December night, we look up in the sky at the stars, at the moon, and maybe even Santa riding on his sleigh (looooool). When we get home to our own house in Connecticut, we are all so tired. My brother and I go upstairs and go to bed. I think I’m always too excited because falling asleep means that soon it will be Christmas Day. I lay awake looking at my ceiling thinking of things that would happen the next day. Soon enough I do fall asleep.


The next morning is like one of those mornings you see on TV, with the Christmas music and the children running downstairs. That’s my brother, he comes to wake me up and yells “it’s Christmas it’s Christmas“. We go downstairs together, slowly and look at the presents under our tree. The colors all go together. The blues, greens, the rides, the silver is, the stockings hanging from our fireplace. The decorations around our living room make me my stomach do somersaults.


(My Christmas Tree up above) 

We wake our parents up and it takes them about 30 minutes to get up, get ready, get coffee, and finally we can sit down and open gifts (uuugh come on parents). My brother and I are shaking with excitement and we know deep down inside, our parents are too. We carefully start to open our stocking presents first. We have small boxes, big boxes, and some flimsy boxes.


(My fireplace decorations up above)
After the excitement of opening our gifts we start to get ready with my mother helping her cook, clean, and do anything we can to get the house ready for a big company (lol anything we can do to not get my mother stressed out). My aunts and uncle’s, grandmas and grandpas, and cousins come up to enjoy Christmas day at our house. Now it is OUR time to host.

Later in the day, We hear cars pull up and cars honk letting us know they are here. we run outside to greet our family members who also brought gifts (we get like three rounds of presents. WhY Is My faMiLY LiKe ThiS?).

We all talk and play together and when the time finally comes to open up presents yet again we all sit down in the living room and do the same thing we did for Christmas Eve and the beginning of Christmas. Now, I don’t expect things but when I do get something I’m really appreciative and excited about it to show how much I love my family. My mom cooks all day Christmas Eve and all day Christmas before my family shows up which I think is amazing. I could never be able to do that. She cooks is all of assortment of things and everything goes right on Christmas. From the weather to the family. The trees blowing in the wind and the temperature not too cold not too warm, just right. 

Everything goes perfectly that day and then its time to wrap it up. All I can hope for is another perfect Christmas net year.

I hope this post you more into the Christmas spirit like it did for me so to add onto it, here is many peoples favorite Christmas song for you to enjoy !

That is all for me dudes, Hope you have wonderful Holidays whether you celebrate christmas or not. Love you! Peace 🙂


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