The Start of the Story

Hello my wonderful people, I am back today with a blog post to tell a little story on why I wanted to come to a school, a ways from my town, and learn a new language. I will also include some Japanese words for anyone who wants to learn some Japanese.


I’m going to start off by saying that it was never my intention to join this school. It all started in the middle of the school year. I thought I was going to go to my town high school like everyone else,  but then a bunch of schools started to come to our middle school, offering up special programs from water science to languages. I originally was looking at an aquaculture school in the town next to mine, but then I thought I will just go to my town high school. It wasn’t until about 2 weeks before the essays and all things technical were due when Mrs. Parem, came to my school. Signup sheets were going around being able to attend a presentation about CGS.  I wasn’t going to sign up until my friend Sakura was like “Yo, dude, Japanese man” and I was like “yo, cool, ill check it out”. We went down to the cafeteria and sat through the presentation that Mrs. Parem gave about the school. As soon as it started I knew that “yo I want to go here” so I handed in all of my essays and all of my grades. A couple weeks later we got our letters telling us if we had made it in or not. I got in! I was so excited but extremely nervous because I would have been taking two trains and I only knew two other people that were going to the school.


Everything turned out pretty okay though which I was thankful for. I have good friends and taking the train in the morning isn’t that bad (except the part where I have to wake up at 5 ughgghgg).

Well that was my story, it wasn’t too too interesting but it was something.

Now to learn a little Japanese. I will have them in Romanji so they will be easier to read.

Konichiwa. – Hello.

Doozoyoroshiku. – nice to meet you.

Namae wa nan desu ka? – What is your name?

Watashi no namae wa. ______ desu. – My name is _____

Shyumi wa nan desu ka? – What is your hobby?

Watashi no jyu yon sai desu. – I am 14 years old.

Above, there are some simple sentences and below, there is a song that my Japanese teacher showed us during our first week of school. When I first heard it I thought it was crazy and I would never learn it but now I think its fairly easy.

That is all for today. Sorry that this blog post was a little bit shorter than most but hopefully that is okay. Peace 🙂


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