Snow Day :)

Hello everyone, it’s been quite sometime since I’ve written. Today was kind of a chill day because it was a SNOW DAY!

Feelings about snow days

There are mixed feelings about snow days. Some people love them and want them almost everyday there is any chance for snow, and then there are those who hate them. People love them because it’s a day off from school that suddenly pops up and we get to relax or play in the snow. The others who hate snow days, dislike them because they could take away days from summer vacation or they just dislike snow all together. I’m kind of in between about it. When it comes to snow however, I love it. This year, we haven’t had much snow until today which kind of sucked but that’s okay. We were well overdue for a snow day seeing that we hadn’t had one all year. Image result for snow day

Last night was when all my friends and i got the calls that we had no school the next day. Since I had no school, and neither did my friend Leah, she slept over and we got to spend the whole day together. It was pretty fun. There are only three things that I do during a snow day. One of them does not include going out. I either, relax, do homework, or on very rare occasions go outside. Inside, I watch Netflix and sleep all day, catching up on my messed up sleep schedule (god help me). Outside, the kind on my black and I build forts and throw snowballs at each other. There are always the few that take it too far and start chucking snowballs in people’s faces (my brother). My brother continued to tell us about how he thought that this year could be like the one we got like 6 feet of snow in. I prayed that we didn’t because we would be so behind in school. And let me tell you, high school, it’s much different from middle school.


Well, sorry that was so short, but it was a pretty uneventful in my head for a couple of days, lots o homework, lots of things to do so writing about a snow day seemed pretty chill. Have a good one, Peace :).

Image result for snow day





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