Being alone?


Introduction :

Hello everyone, its Jordyn yet again. It has been a while since you last heard from me. And since then, some stuff has been going down. A few of my friends are going through some pretty difficult things right now so I thought that, since i’m not so great with words face to face, I would write a little letter to them in the form of a blog. This is a blog post basically for them or anyone else who needs a little pick me up. It is to tell people that they are not alone and shows (through words) I will always be there for them. Wait no… how I will always be there for not only them but for anyone who needs it. I will just put out there that I am forever and always here for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or just someone who listens. So without further ado, this is for the people who need something to show them that it is going to be okay.

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Dear you,

I want you to know and keep what i’m about to say in the back of your mind. Here goes nothing.

Being alone is not the only option. It is not the end of the path. You don’t have to settle for less than what you deserve. You need to stand up and fight. Fight for yourself and your happiness. Don’t let anyone stand in your way and let them bring you down with the lies they tell. You can not let them pick apart your happiness as if it doesn’t matter. Because it does. And you matter. Be strong and don’t give in to the hate and the hurt. Show the big bad bullies of the world that you are not afraid. You will stand strong and make them realize that you should not be messed with. And so what if you are afraid? Everyone is afraid of something, and maybe the world is your fear. But being afraid and shedding some tears is not a sign of weakness. It shows that you are human and you have emotions and do not have the black hole for a heart that the bullies have.

There are many reasons for being afraid of the world. They don’t just have to come from the people in it. They can come from yourself or from a situation that you are in. You don’t have to stay mad or stay sad. If you truly want something to happen or to change you will help make that change. Help yourself get that help that you need. The world in general is a screwed up place that people have learned to dealt with. There will always be struggles, but that is just part of life. The struggles that we have to endure just make us who we are. Without that pain and suffering who knows who we may be?

I guess what i’m trying to say is that it will get better with help and guidance from the people who care. If you don’t think you have many people who care, just know that i do. I may not know who you are, but that will not stop me from helping out a fellow human in need of assistance.

  • Jordyn 🙂



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* I’m leaving my social media down below so anyone who wants, can contact me if they need anything*

Snapchat : xjordyn_batmanx (ew I know, super cringe)

Instagram: Jordyyn.avery



5 thoughts on “Being alone?

  1. This is a great blog and this totallly made the rest of my day. I’ll will take all the supports I can get from u giys. I love you


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