Oh Nana… Thats her name !

My time with Nana :




You are probably curious to what the title of this post is all about. All of my friends probably know this already but, if you don’t, I have been hosting someone from Japan ! Her name is Nana and she is really nice. She first came to America on Sunday, March 12th with 29 other Japanese students. They all spent two days in D.C. then went to New York for another two days. After that, she came to my school where I got to meet her in person for the first time.

Prior to meeting her, we were emailing and sending pictures of our family. We got to know each other’s interests and find out what each other were like. When March 16th came around, I was so nervous. It was my first time hosting and so many thoughts were going through my head : “will she like me?” “Will I like her?” “What is she like in person?” “Is she nice?”. So many thoughts and questions that were just piling up throughout the day. When 12:45 finally came around, I hurried to to the room where we were going to meet them. I walked down quickly with my friend Ebony who was also hosting. Surprisingly we were the only two freshman hosting, so the pressure was on.


We got into the room where were all meeting and I started shaking from nervousness and excitement. We were told to sit down across from the 29 Japanese students. I was scanning the room when I saw somebody who I thought could be Nana, I looked again and we made eye contact and she got really excited. She waved and had a big smile on her face that made me feel better about this whole thing. I waved back and became less scared and more happy. She was much shorter than I though (loool so cute though).

My Japanese teacher started calling up a Japanese students and an American student up to meet each other and finally my name and Nana’s name was called. We hurried to each other and gave each other a long hug. We took a picture and hurried home. My parents got her many gifts and planned many things which she was very excited about. She also brought US gifts which was really really nice. She also really really really likes hugs.


We have done so much stuff and it was really nice to have someone almost like a sister be with me for to weeks. It was definitely an experience I enjoyed very much.

Thursday, March 16th, we went to the store to get anything Nana wanted.

Friday, March 17th, we went to a trampoline park called Jump Off with my friend Leah so she could meet Nana.

Saturday, March 18th, we went to a big mall to show her a bunch of American type things. We also went to a restaurant and ate dinner! After that, we bowling at bass pro shops. (Picture below)


Sunday, March 19th, we made a big fort and watched a movie in that fort. We then went to the movies and saw Beauty and the Beast (I cried like three times).

Monday, March 20, we went to the Pez factory, Christmas tree shop, and shopping. We then went to the beach and ate dinner watching the sun set.


Tuesday, March 21, we went to an after school activity thing where we played games in the school gym with the other Japanese students and host families and eat ice cream.

Wednesday, March 22, we went over my friends house to bake cookies for an activity in the future. Nana got to see her best friend too since my friend was hosting her best friend.



Overall I’ve been having such a good time. I would totally do it again next year because this year was such a good experience. Nana leaves on the 28th and I know i’m going to cry, My friends say they will cry too because they like her so much which i’m glad about. Welp, that is all for now … Peace 🙂



18 thoughts on “Oh Nana… Thats her name !

  1. First thing I noticed about her is how huger her smile was and how she loves hugs. She’s just so cute. It’s really nice of you family to treat her the way you guys did. I’m sure she felt very welcomed and liked.


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