Equality is Key

Good day to everyone reading this. This post is going to get real deep real fast so brace yourselves…


Today I am going to shine a light on all things equality

Equality. Let me say it again; equality.

But what does that mean? Equality.

By definition :

e·qual·i·ty Image result for equality



  • the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

It means we are all equal right? Means that we are all one…. Right? Wrong.

How can we say we know the meaning of equality when we don’t treat each other as equals.

How can we say that the world is fair when we cheat our way through it.

How can we raise our children in this infested world of zombies who only see black and white. Men and women.

Whether you are black, white, brown, purple, red, blue, pink means that you deserve as many rights as the next person.

Whether you’re a man, a woman, or everything that’s in between means that you deserve as many rights as the next person.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist means that you deserve as many rights as the next person.

And Whether you are gay, straight, bi, trans, pan, or anything in between does in fact mean that you deserve as many rights as the next person.

In the country, that we call home, we are supposed to be land of the free. But are we? How can we say we are when no one enforces those words. There is these things called amendments and the first 10 of them were gathered together to create a thing called the Bill of Rights. This was made to make sure that the word Equality was sacred. The first amendment in fact, is the freedom of religion, speech, and the press.

But why, explain to me, tell me why, give me something that will tell me why I see Muslims killing themselves after being called terrorists because of how world has stained them to look as though they are bad. Why do I see black people being kicked and hit because they are trying to stand up for the rights that they deserve. The rights that america promised to them in signed official documents. How come I see small children thinking that white is better. They aren’t born to think that. Its embedded into their mind after seeing the protests and the hurt that’s being caused.  

Why do I see women getting paid less than men for working just as hard. Why do I see women getting raped and being asked questions like “what were you wearing” “did you drink anything” IF I CAN’T SAY NO I CAN’T SAY YES. Why do I see young boys and girls being told what is for them and not for them. Boys “shouldn’t” play with dolls, or shouldn’t use makeup, or shouldn’t wear pink. Girls shouldn’t play with cars, shouldn’t wear boy clothes, or shouldn’t play sports.

Why do I see our world crumbling to nothing but brainwashed people believing the same lies we are told since birth. We need to wake up and do something before it’s too late.

We should be asking questions….

WHY is the world like this?

HOW can we make it better?

SHOULDN’T we do something?

The answers are simple. Because, I don’t know, and yes.

Why are the answers so simple? It’s because everyone is so blinded that they cant see the severity of the problem. We deserve more than because, I don’t know, and yes.

So please wake up. The world is made up of all shapes, colors and sizes. Its big enough for all of us.

We deserve the same rights and should not be denied things because of the color of our skin or the religion we practice.

Equality :

My definition: Being able to look at the world as black, white, gay, straight, Muslim, christian and not giving a second thought or worry when it comes to how we are treated.  Being able to live a life without the fear of my children and my children’s children being discriminated against over who they love or who they are. 

We are all equal but word won’t spread unless we as the young people of this nation spread it.

So stand united and say something.

Thank you.


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