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Hey ! So i guess this page will be a little about me and the future of this blog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Lets see, first of all, I will introduce myself. My name is Jordyn. I am 14 and a freshman in high school. I am your classic Meme Queen. I am kind of a big deal (lol no). I also am in loe with bands and music (I would sell my soul to have the vocal range of Brendan Urie). Some hobbies I hold dear to my heart would be Netflixing and scrolling through my no theme having, meme posting, text posting Instagram. I am also quite a fan of bad puns/anti jokes. I am an very awkward person but I like having and making friends.


I like writing about things that are close to me and things that i think people can relate to. From homosexuality, to all things trump. I am here to make your day seem brighter, make you laugh a little, get serious (sometimes), and have fun.

here is a little poem biography of my life:

Jordyn Kszywanos

I was 2 1/2

when my brother

was brought home from the hospital.

I cherished him

as if he were the treasure

that x marked on a pirate’s map

when I was 5

I had major back surgery

to fix my scoliosis


I was 11

when i got my first dog.


who is an Australian Shepard,

is the light of my life,

my best friend.

a couple years later,

my dad’s dog,


who was a Jack Russell terrier

had to be put down.

I couldn’t remember a time

I was more emotional


I like boys,

but i also like girls.

I technically like everyone.

I took up an interest in piano

when I was young.

in 6th grade

I went to see Aladdin

on Broadway

for a school field trip.

I went to my first concert

when I was 12.

I saw R5 with 6 of my friends and

we got to meet one of the band members.


I once jumped off a ledge

that was 20 feet high

into a lake and

had to be rescued

from a big wall

because I was too afraid to continue.


I zip lined through a park

where I could see it all,

went swimming

in the aqua blue Bahama waters,

got lost

running through a cruise ship

with my brother.

fell out of an attic

and almost died,

scream sung a country song,

and listened to a song,

on repeat,

for 3 hours.


In 8th grade

I went to an off brand Holiday hill,

because our school couldn’t behave enough

to be in the real holiday hill.

when my classmates played gaga,

they fought with the other school.

they said

one kid looked like Hitler.


2 months ago,

I was informed that my great aunt

was in the hospital.

my mom went up to visit her.

they thought she was getting better.

she wasn’t.

I lost her

a day later.

she was on breathing tubes

and in pain

all of her life.

she was strong

and never showed how weak she felt

and looked.

I miss her,

but i know she loves me.

  • Jordyn Kszywanos

So that will be all from me today. Peace dudes 🙂